The Wave - Part I

One of the secrets of Kun Tao is the ability of the Kuntaoist to physically make an enemy wince or flinch or withdraw inwardly into a fetal like position just before and as the Kuntaoist starts to move towards him.  The enemy feels completely helpless to stop the attack and cannot get away.  It feels like a wave of water about to hit you.

The Start - Part I
  1. One student holds a 12" x 12" x 1" piece of (green) yellow pine wood in front of him, arms locked and fully extended in front of him face high.  (By "green" we mean new, a little sap infested.  Thereby harder to whip.)
  2. The student (striker) moves about three feet away from the wood while standing completely sideways to the wood.
  3. The student (striker) jumps sideways, whipping and exploding the wood while still in the air.
  4. The student (striker) lands while he is still sideways, his shoulder sloped downward, touching the student who was holding the wood.
Watch for Part II

Guy Savelli

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