Reeders' Kun Tao Weapons

There are four basic weapons of the Reeders' Kun Tao System.

  1. The Toya
  2. The Taichu
  3. The Blati
  4. Illusionary Hitting

The weapons should be custom made for each student.

  1. There are two Toyas to work with. One is the height of the student. The second one is three-fourths the height of that same student, about an inch and a half in diameter. Both Toyas should be made of a hard wood such as oak and worked with a floor finishing material to protect the wood.

  2. The Taichuís size is the length from the middle finger to the end of the elbow. Each prong is four inches high, three to four fingers width at the top of the prong, two to three fingers wide at the bottom of the prong.

  3. The Blati knife should span from the thumb to the little finger of the open hand.

Each weapon has certain concepts that need to be followed to use it efficiently. They must fit into both the djurus and the Kun Tao pattern. One concept is the weapon should move as naturally as the hands move. Another concept is every time the feet move, the hands move.

Kun Tao is mostly an attack oriented system whereby fluidity and the ability to use illusionary hitting, which is the fourth weapon system, is paramount in every move. Your enemy should never see the striking hand or weapon. You enemy always should follow what you have set up as the illusion. Master Reeders totally used and taught illusionary hitting and/or illusionary moving. Your enemy should never know how you got to the most advantageous position to strike them.

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Guy Savelli

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