Explosive Striking (Internal) II

There are comparable explosive kicks that match the explosive striking hits that are used exclusively by Kuntaoists engaged in mortal combat. Visualization and sensualization exercises combined with advanced spiritual/meditation are needed.

We are not going to elaborate on the specifics of this training because you need a perfect execution and perfect practice. Nothing less than a perfection of intention and technique will give consistency.

10 Explosive Striking Methods - Mind/Spirit Needed
  1. Cannon Kicking
  2. Whip Kicking
  3. Body-Lock Kicking
  4. Cat-Jump Kicking
  5. Poison Knife Kicking
  6. Crush Kicking
  7. Hydro-Shock Kicking
  8. Nervous System Shock-Kicking
  9. Touch Kicking
  10. Invisible Kicking
The first way Master Reeders taught me to explosively kick was to "scratch the eyeball of an enemy with your big toenail".

If you are interested in studying this system of striking, or if you want more  information, please email us.

Guy Savelli

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