Feats of Kun Tao

Those of us who practice Huc Chung know that through Prayer anything is possible. Spiritual fighting is dependent on using one's developed physical and mental powers for sure, but nothing is possible consciously and consistently unless we maintain and live a certain special, coordinated mental and spiritual frame of mind.

Here are a few of the results we have had living this way.

Guy Savelli


    1. Pain in the legs caused by Multiple Sclerosis
    2. Nerve problems and back pain
    3. Swollen Lymph Glands
    4. Chronic pain from a broken jaw as the result of a car accident
    5. Ruptured Pancreas
    6. The Change
    7. Stop a Person from Moving Using the Mind
    8. Altering a Person's Perceptions Using the Mind
    9. Working The Candle
    10. Simultaneously Affecting the Minds of Multiple People
    11. Affecting Physical Objects Using the Mind - Laboratory Documentation
    12. Projecting Beams of Light from the Eyes
    13. Deviating Pre-Recorded Computer Chips Using the Mind
    14. Observations of a Student

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