Personal Documentation of Master Guy L. Savelli


  1. Excerpts from "The Warrior's Edge" by Colonel John B. Alexander, Major Richard Groller & Janet Morris
  2. A test conducted by the U.S. Military in which Master Savelli caused a goat to drop from a distance of 100 feet, using his mind alone
  3. Master Savelli's certification from Master Willem Reeders
  4. Excerpts from "Mind of Matter" by Loyd Auerbach
  5. A test published in "Research In Parapsychology" regarding the deviation of pre-recorded computer chips using the mind alone.
  6. A test performed by American Society for Psychical Research, Inc. which shows the deviation of multiple devices using the mind alone
  7. An open letter of support from Lieutenant Colonel Lucius A. Taylor IV, The Joint Staff, Washington, D.C.
  8. Information regarding Master Savelli's Secret Security Clearance with the U.S. Military
  9. An open letter of support from Christopher A. Boyko, Law Director, Parma, Ohio
  10. More documentation

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