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Striking A Metal Plate With The Mind Across The Room

10th August 1982

Four days (August 7 - 10, 1982) were spent in intensive explorations of research possibilities with Guy Savelli.

Objectives. Our primary purpose was to find indications of whether Savelli, through his martial art practice, has developed methods of activating his own psychic power to an unusual extent, demonstrable in the laboratory; time was also spent gathering and testing ideas concerning appropriate procedures and apparatus to utilize in research on the underlying psychic processes.

Exploratory Work. First we worked on the idea that Savelli's martial art practice involves a discharge of psychic power which is not only felt by his student, but also could affect physical objects. Three sensing systems were used:

A. Strain-gauge sensors for registering kinetic effects of movements or vibrations psychically induced on the sensor plates;
B. Psychic interception of an invisible infrared beam passing in front of the sensor plate;
C. Electronic sensing of temperature disturbances in the affected area.

We obtained strong indications about effects on "A" and "B" and weaker ones on "C" (temperature disturbances). We obtained some indications that the psi force affected simultaneously both systems: kinetic effects on the strain-gauges and opacity effects on infrared sensors.

We also explored the martial arts idea that the Master can both induce in his opponent some actions by psychic means and also inhibit some. Results of this testing are more difficult to assess scientifically, but both persons on whom this was tried reported such effects.

Savelli's self-observations pertaining to his state of mind that is most conducive to psi effects turned out to be a good indicator of the times when he actually was successful as compared with other times.

It should be understood that these were not formal, quantitative experiments from which firm conclusions can be drawn. We explored the research potential of Guy Savelli and the ways and means of doing more definitive work with him later. In any considered opinion, further extensive experimental work is indicated and is highly desirable.

Karlis Osis, Ph.D.
Chester F. Carlson Research Fellow

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