The Secret Leopard: Part II

  1. Place a black dot ¼ inch in diameter level with your own face while kneeling in front of a mirror opposite you in a naturally lit room.
  2. Stare at the spot and do not blink. Get an inner feeling of fright while staring. DO NOT BLINK.
  3. Stare but make sure you can see the white all around your eyes in the mirror.
  4. Have a clear meditative state of mind.
  5. Say your prayer as in our prayer form:
  6. Get to the point of 11-12-13 in our Leopard Part I.
  7. Make this so real that you become "one with the leopard" to the stage that with every fiber of your being (your nerves, your muscles, yes even your soul) you feel like springing onto a prey. When this feeling is almost uncontrollable you "hit a switch" and push the inner leopard out to the front of your human face/body. You now "know" you have changed. You should see an animal that looks like nothing human.
  8. Give thanks to our God.
  9. Relax-go to sleep.

* Sometimes the only way to fight evil is to show an evil face that only evil understands, i.e. to fight or stop a fire with fire. *

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Watch for "The Spiritual Leopard - Part III"

Guy Savelli

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