Secrets of Spiritual Training I

Master Reeders told me, "Huc Chung is the highest form of Kun Tao." He said that Huc Chung means "the mind stops". Master Reeders also said that "When a person is in the fifth level of consciousness, I can kill him with my mind." This is how I learned Huc Chung and how I start to teach it today. In defense of one's life, everyone must be able to use all of one's abilities. To be able to integrate the spiritual aspects of Kun Tao with the mental and physical, you need a training program.

This is how we start:

  1. Anything that controls you beats you.

    1. Start to do something that you do not want to do but that you know you should.

    2. Stop from doing something that you do not want to stop from doing but that you know you should.
If you follow the above precepts as well as others we will give you in future writings, you should have similar tangible results as we have had in these sections:

Mind Striking and Mind Altering Techniques
Laboratory Test Results and Published Research
Feats of Kun Tao

Watch for Secrets of Spiritual Training II
Guy Savelli

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